Ad On Hold Process

We Do More Than Just Make Cool Stuff.

We deliver it to customers in a neat little bundle

Here’s How It All Works

  • We’ll give you a call to discuss the finer details of your on hold message. Whether you want it to be short and serious… or poetic and filled with wit – our team will capture the right tone for your industry
  • Our creative writers will get to work conjuring up a script of magnificence, rich with content that will engage your callers… and give your brand a boost!
  • Once you give our script the ‘thumbs up’, we send it over to the golden tonsils in our voice over studio
  • Your Telstra representative will install your system, complete with your new customised Ad On Hold message
  • Putting your customers on hold has now become the most valuable marketing tool for your business
Ad On Hold is a proud Telstra partner

Ad On Hold is a proud Telstra partner

Some Of Our Happy Customers